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Critical but casual approaches to current, past, and future video games six times a week. In addition, guests will periodically share their own aesthetic and personal experiences with games in conversation! Subscribe to our Patreon at if you'd like to hear special patron-only bonus episodes!

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Episode 25: Scott Benson Part 1 - Pessmism of the Spirit, Optimism of the Will


We're lucky enough to have Scott Benson, one third of Infinite Fall, the studio that brought us Night in the Woods, back to No Cartridge Audio! Scott comes on to argue for the emancipatory vision of video game aesthetics in a 2 part conversation. In this episode, we talk punk rock, permission, theories of representation, and the brilliant Kentucky Route Zero. Part two will post Monday or Tuesday, but if you don't want to wait, the whole talk will be available at for patrons by tonight. Thanks!

Audio this week is "Long Journey Home" from the Kentucky Route Zero OST and "A Night in the Woods" by The World Inferno Friendship Society.



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