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Critical but casual approaches to current, past, and future video games six times a week. In addition, guests will periodically share their own aesthetic and personal experiences with games in conversation! Subscribe to our Patreon at if you'd like to hear special patron-only bonus episodes!

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Episode 73: Game Workers Unite w/ Liz Ryerson


We welcome Liz Ryerson (@ellaguro) to the show to talk about the recent and powerful unionization effort at GDC, as well as her role in and evaluation of the nascent Game Workers Unite collective!

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Episode 72: Far Cry 5's American Dystopia w/ Jack Smith IV!


We welcome back Jack Smith (@jacksmithiv) to review Far Cry 5, hot off or not even quite off the presses! Mic's resident expert on anti-governmental separatists and fascism walks us through the plot, clearly tagged spoilers and all. A No Cartridge first!

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Episode 71: "Systems of Domination" w/ Seth Shepherd


We welcome media mind Seth @asapsunscreen Shepherd on the show to talk with us about narrative, systemic analysis, realism, and the ways in which games end for the player but do not end for the character!

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Episode 70 - "No Problem Calling it Casual Gaming" w/Liz Roscher


We welcome Liz Roscher of Yahoo! Sports fame and of The Good Phight credentials on to talk about casual gaming, gendered expectations, and the double-edged sword of plot. Plus -- is Hatoful Boyfriend a good game? We ask the hard question.

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Episode 69: "The Methadone of Gaming" w/ Riley Quinn


We welcome Riley @raaleh Quinn of the Trash Future Podcast on to talk about streaming, what to do when you can't game like you're used to, and the joy and struggle of getting back into gaming as an adult.

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Episode 68: "People Want to Love Your Game" w/ Ethan Hammerman


We welcome Ethan Hammerman, former gaming marketer, current gaming enthusiast, and uniquely qualified insider to talk about the past, present, and future of gaming, marketing, and microtransactions!

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Episode 67: "The Final Goal" w/ Shenanigansen


We welcome webcomics' own Shenanigansen to talk about horror games, visual novels, memes, hard games, and, well, basically the gamut. Perhaps the episode best designed for getting into the show, as it is broad, funny, and we eventually get to a point!

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No Cartridge Patreon Preview: No Cartridge Leftist Book Club Episode One


I'm opening up the vaults today and releasing the first episode of the No Cartridge Leftist Book Club, my weekly dive into Capital Volume 1 that will eventually cover the whole book! Find more on!

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Episode 66: "Let Me Buy A Silly Dance," Microtransaction Talk with Peter @litescript


We welcome Pete @litescript on to talk about microtransactions, Destiny 2, and the future of gaming itself.

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Episode 65 -- eFedding and the Artifice of Artifice w/ jonwuka


We welcome Obi, better known as jonwuka (@thenearzone) of the Weird of Sport podcast to talk with us about the deeply strange phenomenon of efedding, pro-wrestling without the wrestling, but with a precise understanding of its own fiction.

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