Aesthetic Critique Of Video games

Critical but casual approaches to current, past, and future video games six times a week. In addition, guests will periodically share their own aesthetic and personal experiences with games in conversation! Subscribe to our Patreon at if you'd like to hear special patron-only bonus episodes!

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Episode 99: Modding as a Kind of Praxis with Thumblesteen


We welcome Fallout modder and all-around impressive leftist organizer Thumblesteen to the show to talk about disability, modding politics, and how effective organizing starts with camaraderie.

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No Cartridge Patreon Unlock: Leon "leyawn" Chang on his Music


Free to non-subscribers for the first time! We were lucky enough to get Leon Chang, also known as @leyawn back on the show to talk about his remarkable work as a composer of electronic music.

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Episode 98: Rockstar, Red Dead Redemption 2, Crunch, and Pierre Bourdieu


Solo episode this week as I delve into the controversies around labor treatment at Rockstar and think about games in the vein of Pierre Bourdieu and Restricted Fields. A unique approach on a crowded topic!

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Episode 97.5: An Afternoon With Adi Shankar!


We welcome Adi Shankar, producer of the Castlevania Netflix original series, The Grey, and the upcoming film Bodied! We talk production, inspiration, Halo, gaming, and much much more. Absolute podcast verite, a low-fi overheard call on a subway car.

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Episode 97: Bash Bash Revolution with Doug Lain!


We welcome Doug Lain, prolific author and big wheel at Zero Books to talk about his newest novel, his experience with older senses of technology, apocalypse, utopia, and communism!

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Episode 96: Fortnite Dads Unite with Charles!


We welcome Charles @ugarles onto the show to discuss Fortnite, why kids enjoy videogames, what exactly dads are up to as regards these videogames, and why the fish costume is so damn desirable!

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Announcement: Live Show!!


There's a No Cartridge Live Show! It's in New York City at Caveat NYC on October 27th at 4PM! Scott Benson will be there! I hope you will be too!

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Epidsode 95: The Better Translation with Alex Degen


We welcome artist and translator Alex Degen on the show to talk about, well, a lot of stuff from comics, to RPGs, to gaming origins, to the nature of narrative. It's a wild ride, you're gonna love it.

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Episode 94: Your Own Personal Torture with Spencer Hall


We welcome SBNation and EDSBS bigwig and all around nice college football man Spencer Hall on the podcast to talk about gaming late in life, college football, and the way games and the way we respond to them tell us about ourselves.

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Episode 93: Buying and Selling Yourself In Game


It's just me this week! That's right, the long promised solo episode considering precarity, scarcity, the gig economy and Recettear. A mix between a book club and an anime retreat, this is one you shouldn't miss!

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